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Das kommt aus Bielefeld – we are part of it!

Everyone knows what it is; nobody knows where is comes from… that is the claim of the initiative created by the town of Bielefeld together with the local companies. Famous examples are Dr. Oetker Pizza, but westphal is as well presented with our hand sewed handbags and our new bionic grip “grabsolute”.

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Cult piece for the saddle

We are really proud how „Das kommt aus Bielefeld“ does present our products. Please allow us to quote: „westphal uses only the best materials for its bicycle saddle bags and all of them are made in Germany. Only the thread comes from the English manufacturer Coats Thread. The material, (a choice of PVU leather or natural leather) is provided by Salamander Bonded Leather from Türkheim and the beautifully-shaped closures come from the family firm Branscheid from Lüdenscheid. It is therefore not surprising that the handcrafted bicycle saddle bag from Bielefeld has made the leap into the modern age, along with the timeless leather panniers for men’s bicycles”

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Inspired by mother nature

A unique grip that hides an innovative fixation technique under its surface … another item that comes – as well – from Bielefeld. Grabsolute has a cushioning effect when riding on a bumby road; the slotted inner core creates a self-locking mechanism and assures maximum grip on the handle bar: The stronger the force, the stronger the fixation. Copied from nature and technically transferred.

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