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Our Product Range

Leather Bags

Since 1950 we produce hand sewed bags for the saddle and for the frame. This nostalgic program is still produced within our production site and it is always an eye-catcher at your bike. The bags can be delivered with an imprint (e.g. your logo) on your demand. Please view the products directly in the catalogue section leather.


Ergonomic or with 2 colours for the modern bike or plain and simple for technical equipment – you will always find the adequate grip within the westphal program. For technical details like materials, inner diameter, length or packing options please view this
pfd-file. Concerning toxic components or the fulfilment of European norms please click here for an information sheet or got directly to the catalogue section grips.

Assembly Parts

The frame has a hole you do not need? A (bowden-) cable has to be guided? Then you will probably find the right article in our catalogue section for assembly parts. Besides plugs and cable guides we produce as well guides for bowden cables, counter brackets, adapter, washer, transportation caps, spokes protectors, spoilers and mud slaps.

Developments on Demand

Besides our own program we realise new products together with our clients. In the section Technique you will find a description how a development process is usually structured. In the past we could effectively advise our clients and bring major developments in a common effort successfully to the market.